make moment

A certain moment in life may exert a profound influence upon the whole life not letting you forget the moment. Another moment may be erased out of your head but may be making a constant imperceptible small change in your life.

Our life is not just the single moment but the full of happy, lonely, difficult, pleasant and various moments.. Everyday, we dream and wish to meet the most beautiful and glorious moment in life.

Time is ceaseless.

Life goes on and we are making moments and remember them as pictures in our memory. We believe such moments add up to what you presently are. And it’s when we provide you with the moment you would remember that is our moment of happiness.

ilmiri made a first step into food&beverage business and we are trying to ‘make moments’ under the name of sincerity, endeavor, challenge for you.

Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments.
- Rose Kennedy
  • October, 2009

    Created JJIMDAK special sauce
    for 3 years

  • Feb, 2010

    Starting Franchise Business

  • 2011

    Opened 15 stores in Korea
    ilmiri corporation establishment

  • 2012

    Opened 14 stores in Korea

  • 2013

    Opened 16 stores in Korea

  • Feb, 2013

    Opened ilmiri China store in Shanghai

  • 2014

    Opened 4 Stores in Korea.

  • Jan 2014

    Opened ilmiri China 2nd store in Gubei

  • Sep 2014

    Preparing to open 3rd China store.

  • Future

    Make impresive moements to people starting from food business to anything.

3 years of researching

50 stores in Korea and China

4822 Visiting Gustes everyday

100% Customer Satisfaction

Offical Information

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There are 50 ilmiri stores in Korea named Gold-jjimdak.


Since 2012. 02, we steped forward to the world to deliver the taste of Korea. Our first step is at Shanghai, China.


Let's make the moment.

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ILMIRI, 201HO, 86-1, Jungang-ro 1275beon-gil, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 410-837 Rep. of KOREA